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Find it here
Posted Tuesday, February 2, 2010 03:48 PM

If you own a company?   Do you work for a great company?  Looking for a specific service?  Tell us about your need and maybe a classmate can suggest a company or person. 

Maybe you can find what your looking for here.

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Vitae Value (the value of life)
Posted Friday, February 27, 2015 05:45 AM

We actually have 2 companies Essencial Dreams and Vitae Value Ltd. We make cosmetics that are very different than what is on the market today. Combining Aromatherapy for it's therapeutic values, Phyto therapy plant medicine and Homeopathy is something until now no one combined these three methods. I'm an herbalist and my partner is a Parmacist, working with organic ingredients we've created a fairly large line of products for Body, Hair and Facial care that have had a 100% customer satisfaction rate and amazing success with what each product is geared for. 
We create them all from scratch making our our bases, extracts, tinctures and herbal oil infusions from the wild crafted herbs found on the island of Kalymnos. Kalymnos is located in the Southern Aegean in Greece and is where my parents came from. I had brough my mother back here as it was her wish to pass here where she was born. During that trip I had an accident and tore a calf muscle and was unable to travel for nearly a year, during that time I created this 2nd business Vitae Value (Value of Life) so as not to drain my US business Essencial Dreams. Essencial Dreams began 28 years ago offering organic and wild crafted herbs, teas and scriptual inceneses I'd learned to make during a trip to Greece in the 80's. We later moved into Hair & Body Care products and suppliments.
Today I go back and forth from Greece to our place in North Carolina in the Smokey Mountains.
Currently we are looking to expand our products into Spas, Health Food Markets, Gyms etc.
Come check us out and if you're interested by all means feel free to contact me.
If you're ever in Greece, come stop by our store, lab and workshop/school in Kalymnos/ We're located in our own building a Greel Neo Classical build originally built in the late 1800's just 100 yards from the Main square in Pothia on the road towards the docks on the left.